April 2024

Melatih Berpikir Kritis (Critical Thinking)

fri12apr4:36 amfri4:36 amMelatih Berpikir Kritis (Critical Thinking)

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Critical thinking is vital to any kind of success, including your career and beyond. Simply put, critical thinking is a questioning approach to form a judgment or conclusion. It encourages reflective and independent thinking to guide us through the hundreds of decisions that we make throughout a week. Having these skills provides you with the best chance of making an informed decision. Everything and anything can be a subject to question with critical thinking.

As problems are bound to come up in any organization, it’s important to know how to address these challenges with good reasoning and logic. Utilizing your critical thinking skills will lead you toward being a more rational and disciplined thinker. This Critical Thinking workshop will provide your learners the skills to approach problems critically, as well as recognize the power of open-mindedness and altering your perspective, in order to make the best choices.



Module One: Getting Started

  • Housekeeping Items
  • The Parking Lot
  • Workshop Objectives
  • Action Plans and Evaluation Forms
  • Action Plan
  • Evaluation Form
  • Pre-Assignment
  • Pre-Test

Module Two: Understanding Critical Thinking

  • Defining Critical Thinking
  • Importance of a Critical Approach
  • When to Think Critically
  • The Role of Logic
  • Applying Reason
  • Practical Illustration
  • Module Two: Review Questions

Module Three: The Critical Thinking Process

  • Observation
  • Analysis
  • Inference
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Practical Illustration
  • Module Three: Review Questions

Module Four: The Benefits

  • Increases Happiness
  • Better Decision Making
  • Improved Communication
  • Develop the Power of Persuasion
  • Fosters Team Building
  • Practical Illustration
  • Module Four: Review Questions

Module Five: Characteristics of a Critical Thinker

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Discipline
  • Curiosity
  • Creativity
  • Humility
  • Practical Illustration
  • Module Five: Review Questions

Module Six: Improving Your Skills (I)

  • Practice Active Listening
  • Ask Questions
  • Break Down the Problems
  • Be Mindful of Emotions
  • Think For Yourself
  • Practical Illustration
  • Module Six: Review Questions
Module Seven: Improving Your Skills (II)

  • Visual Mapping
  • Keep an Open Mind
  • Get Involved
  • Participate in Games
  • Improving Sleep Quality
  • Practical Illustration
  • Module Seven: Review Questions

Module Eight: Evaluating the Information

  • Avoid Assumptions
  • Watch out for the Bias
  • Consider Clarifying Questions
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Review All Possibilities
  • Practical Illustration
  • Module Eight: Review Questions

Module Nine: The Barriers

  • Time and Pressure
  • Insufficient Knowledge
  • Close-Minded
  • Drone Mentality
  • Groupthink Mentality
  • Practical Illustration
  • Module Nine: Review Questions

Module Ten: Changing Your Perspective

  • Alter Your Point of View
  • Be Objective
  • Thinking in Reverse
  • Consider the Consequences
  • Identify Inconsistencies
  • Practical Illustration
  • Module Ten: Review Questions

Module Eleven: Putting It All Together

  • Stages of Development
  • Think About Your Thinking
  • Reflect and Learn from Mistakes
  • Remember Your Goals
  • Think, But Don’t Overthink
  • Practical Illustration
  • Module Eleven: Review Questions

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

  • Words from the Wise
  • Review of Parking Lot
  • Lessons Learned
  • Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations



12 April 2024 4:36 am - 4:36 am(GMT+07:00)

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